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General Assistance is provided to qualifying residents of Rutland Township.  In order to better serve its residents with GA, Rutland Township has entered into an Inter-Governmental Agreement with Elgin Township to expediate the process.

General Assistance is a locally administered welfare program which provides monthly financial assistance to persons who are not eligible for any other State or Federal assistance programs, and who do not have adequate income or resources to provide for their own basic needs.  
Rutland Township and all townships in Illinois are statutorily mandated by the legislature to levy taxes and administer General Assistance for destitute township residents.

Rutland Township residents seeking assistance should contact the Rutland Township Supervisor by email ( or by office phone (847-428-6560).  
  • Eligibility Guidelines:
  • Must be a Township resident
  • 18 years or older and out of high school
  • Without minor children
  • U.S. resident or legal alien
  • No potential means of income
  • Have applied and been found ineligible for other State of Federal benefits
  • Must be able to work, job search and do work fare
  • Be Medically Exempt from Working
  • You will be required to bring in the following documents that apply to you and your household:
  • Completed and signed application
  • Picture I.D.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of current address/living arrangement: Rent/Lease agreement or receipt, letter from landlord, or mortgage payment book
  • Proof of income for the past thirty (30) days
  • Verification of other income: Unemployment benefits, Social Security, SSI, V.A. benefits, Workers compensation, pension or retirement income/401K, rental income, Public aid, child support or any other type of income being received at this time
  • Verification of any bank accounts: checking, savings, credit union, trust funds, etc.
  • Proof of insurance if any: Medicaid and/or Insurance card
  • Proof of Marriage/Divorce
  • Verification of property: deeds, mortgage payment, tax bill, home owner’s insurance
  • Verification of vehicle(s) ownership: title, registration, insurance, etc.
  • Current resume
  • Verification of applying for or pending case with SSI, SSD, Social Security, Medicaid, etc.
  • If unable to work because disabled, must provide medical diagnosis with work restrictions and limitations form doctor

General Assistance is provided by statute and according to category limitations with no exception.