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Trustee Bill Siers

I was born and raised in Kane County and have lived in rural Rutland Township for 46 years. Having attended township meetings for most of those 46 years I am familiar with past and current township issues and have a good working knowledge of correct governance. During this time period I have been an unofficial advisor on many township issues.

I have been in the construction business since 1960 having my own carpenter/general contracting and construction management business for over 35 years. I am familiar with insurance, payroll, budgets, implementation of contracts, labor management, and acquisition of equipment and its maintenance. I have also worked with different local government agencies in different capacities.

My recent appointment to the Township Board gives representation to the rural areas of the township, and along with the other Trustees, helps create a more equitable balance of representation throughout the township.

Board members might not always agree but should always respect each other and make every effort to make decisions based on fiscal responsibility and what benefits the residents the most. Board decisions should be based on solid factual information to achieve the best results possible and should not be influenced by personal or political agendas, neither of which I have.

I have been married to my wife Jan for 49 years and we have one daughter, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.

I feel it is an honor and privilege to serve on the Rutland Township Board and will always do my best to serve the residents of the township.


Trustee Jan Siers

I have lived in Rutland Township for almost 50 years and have seen Rutland Township grow from a farming township to a township with more subdivisions than cows.
Having attended Board meetings for most of those 50 years I have witnessed changes in leadership go from members that had little to do at meetings but approve bills and set budgets to members who take the position very seriously to make sure taxpayer money is spent wisely and for the best interest of the residents of Rutland Township.
Familiarity with past and current issues pertaining to Rutland Township and the Rutland Township Board gives me a good working knowledge of these issues and I will continue to represent the taxpayers to the best of my ability without personal or political agendas.


Trustee Dave Kenik

My name is Dave Kenik. I was born and raised in Chicago then migrated to the Suburbs of Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg. I now reside in Gilberts with my wife and two children. I've lived here for the past 16 years and have witnessed quite a few changes in growth. I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic/Arson Investigator in Huntley and prior to that I was employed as an auxiliary Police officer in Schaumburg. One thing that I've learned is that you have to always work as a team. My past experience has taught me much in regards to team playing. In extreme cases my life and the life of others depended on it. I've been a civil servant for almost 20 years and I feel serving Rutland township as a trustee will be an extension of my duty. I've served on several department committees as a member and as president. I look forward to serving as a Trustee for Rutland Township and its residents.


Trustee Adrienn Kenik

I have lived in Gilberts for 16 years. I have come to love being a resident of this town. I have work experience in the healthcare, business and accounting fields.