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Supervisor's Office

16N491 Powers Road
Gilberts, IL 60136
Fax: 847-428-9895

Statement of Responsibilities

 The Township Supervisor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Township managing the financial and day-to-day activities of the office.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Statutory functions
  • Chair of the Township’s Board of Trustees.
    • Serves as a Trustee.
    • Has one vote on all issues before the Board.
    • May make motions and seconds.
    • Participates in legislative discussions.
  • Supervisor of the General Assistance Program.
  • Treasurer of Township Funds.
  • Treasurer of Road District Funds.
    • As Road District Treasurer, the Supervisor receives and has charge of all monies raised in the District for the support and maintenance of roads therein.
  • Financial reports
    • The Supervisor prepares the various financial reports and the Board of Trustees serves to review by auditing and approving the reports, documents, programs and bills.