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Township Supervisor

Township Supervisor

16N491 Powers Road
Gilberts, IL 60136

Township Supervisor Raúl Lemus
Phone: 847-428-6560

Appointed and sworn into office in October 2021, Supervisor Raúl Lemus is honored to build on his more than four years of serving in local government in a number of roles, including being elected as a Village of Pingree Grove Trustee, serving on the Village of Pingree Grove Planning & Zoning Commission, participating on the Village of Pingree Grove Park Advisory Commission, and periodically working as an Election Judge. As a result, these experiences have helped him learn more about local government policymaking, budgeting, and more. Graduating from the Pingree Grove Police Department Citizen Police Academy and participating in a Land Use & Zoning Workshop of the Metro West Council of Government have also increased his local knowledge. As a long-time resident of northern Kane County, where he and his wife are raising their two children, Raúl is faithfully committed to the community he serves. His current goals include the fine tuning of the 2021 fiscal year’s financial records and expanding township services in a fiscally responsible manner.

Statement of Responsibilities

  • The Township Supervisor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Township managing the financial and day-to-day activities of the office.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Statutory functions

  • Chair of the Township’s Board of Trustees.

    • Has one vote on all issues before the Board.

    • Participates in legislative discussions.

  • Supervisor of the General Assistance Program.

  • Treasurer of Township Funds.

  • Treasurer of Road District Funds.

    • As Road District Treasurer, the Supervisor receives and has charge of all monies raised in the District for the support and maintenance of roads therein.

  • Financial reports

    • The Supervisor prepares the various financial reports and the Board of Trustees serves to review by auditing and approving the reports, documents, programs and bills