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Financial Transparency

This webpage provides information on how Rutland Township ensures township matters are approached in a conscientious and transparent matter, with emphasis on openness, ethics, and fiscal responsibility ensuring that elected officials are accountable to the citizens and taxpayers.  We are always striving for 100% transparency.

Decennial Reports

Public Records

The Township website shall include the name, address, phone number, and an electronic contact method for the Township Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer, along with the address, phone number, and electronic submission method for FOIA requests. The Township website shall also include the FOIA process response time and any fees charged by the Township in connection with FOIA requests and responses.


Budgets & Expenditures

The Township website shall include a detailed budget for the current-year for the Township and Road District and (archived) budgets for prior years.

As of January 2024, by approval and adoption of Resolution RU-2024-1, the following specified expenditures have been authorized to be paid by electronic funds transfer but must be reported by the Supervisor and are subject to approval by the Township Board.   
Adobe Acrobat Pro - Township Office
Credit Card Charges-
        BMO Harris Business Mastercard 
- (Township, Assessor & Road District offices)
General Assistance - Emergency assistance only
Township Trustee Per Diem Monthly Compensation - Option of autopay
Groot - Road District Office

     AT&T - Assessors Office
     Commonwealth Edison - Assessor, Road District Offices
     Nelnet (formerly GRNE Solar) - Assessor, Road District Offices
     Verizon - Township and Road District Offices

Town and Road District Budget Information


Audits & Annual Financial Reports

The  Township website shall include the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) and the Supervisor's Annual Financial Statement and the Annual Treasurer's Report for the current and past years (archived). 

For a full listing of current and archived financial reports please click here Reference Page
or visit the Reference Page and click on the Reports Heading.


The Township website shall include the following: open bids and proposals for all contracts for over $20,000, along with where and how to submit a bid or proposal; all approved vendor contracts for over $20,000, along with bids for those contracts, if applicable, and union contracts. Proprietary proposals will not be placed on the website. This information shall remain available on the Village’s website for five years.  A link to the Current Prevailing Wage Rates will also be displayed.

  • Bids and RFPs
  • Vendor Contracts

For all Real Estate Tax Information please visit the Rutland Township Assessor's website