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Kane County, Illinois

Township Clerk           clerk-computer-(2).jpg

Clerk's Office

16N491 Powers Road
Gilberts, IL 60136

Township Clerk Cheryl Lemus
Phone: 847-428-6560

Statement of Responsibilities

The Township Clerk serves as the official record keeper for the Township.

Major Duties and Responsibilities - Township Code (60 ILCS 1/75)

  • The Township Clerk shall record minutes of all proceedings of every Township meeting held in the Township and enter every order or direction and all by-laws, rules and regulations made by the electors at any Township meeting.

  • Maintain all records, books and papers of the Township and file all certificates or oaths required by State statute.

  • Administer all oaths of office for Township Officials.

  • Serve as the Election Authority for all Township Elections.

  • Annually certify to the County Clerk the amount of taxes required to be raised for all Township purposes.

  • Ex Officio Clerk for the Highway Commissioner and shall have the powers and duties as provided in Article 6 of the Illinois Highway Code.

  • Must be present at all bid openings for both the Township and the Road District.